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Friday, November 19, 2010

19th November

At last something to report again.

Goldeneye: Dave and I were just discussing last nights autumn watch and the fact that cold weather was on the way. This according to Chris Packham should bring in wintering Goldeneye. Dave has never seen one in the park and my last one was back in the mid 1980’s. Within five minutes we were looking at a fairly tired looking male on the main lake near the rowing boat moorings. It was fairly faithful to this area, though it did swim towards the Heron Island. At around 11.40 it was flushed from the lake by a large dog and couldn’t be located, though we thought that it may be in area 35. While feeding the waterfowl in this location during the afternoon, my attention was drawn to the unmistakeable whistling sound of a flying Goldeneye dropping back down on to the water. It remained here for a while, but when the Tufted Ducks flew back out on to the main lake it went with them. There is a chance that it may fly back and join the collection Goldeneye’s.






Mandarin Duck: At least 48 birds are present, with the best site to see them is under the Willow trees just past area 2 and then on the bank of the island mid-way along area 8 or on the mainland opposite roosting under some coppiced Alders.

Red crested Pochard: 56 present.

Gadwall: 12 present.

Shoveler: 18 present.

Ruddy Duck: one by area 8.

Siskin: two were in area 34 this afternoon.

Long-tailed Tit: three flocks totalling around sixty-five birds were seen on our walk this morning, very few Goldcrests though.




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