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Sunday, December 19, 2010

19th December

After a cold night yesterdays snow remained.

Common Snipe: one was feeding in the rail ditch at 9.30am, it was joined by a second bird mid-morning.

Water Rail: two still present in the ditch in area 2.

Skylark: one was heard flying over.

Meadow Pipit: one flew east at 8.00am.




Water Rail at the feeding station



Paul Lewis said...

I am interested in your Water Rail feeding station, what are you using as food? Would like to use this idea at my local nature reserve at Maple Lodge.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Paul.

I use a Charnwood Marine Duck pellets. It is what we feed all our fish eating ducks, though all the other species like it as well. It is not that cheap at around £13 per 20 kilo bag. There are possibly other similar sea duck foods. Mine is poured into a couple of plastic take away containers mounted on a piece of wood (similar to a miniature tern raft. It is then held in the middle of cage by a couple of thin rods. If possible the mesh should be 4" X 2" approx then you might exclude moorhens. If you have any other questions contact me on my email address as shown on the Londonbirders sight arduck----@--.--

Paul Lewis said...

Many thanks.