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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1st December

The cold weather has in recent days brought more ducks to the lake. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, though fingers crossed something might turn up.

We had three species of waders today and a two first for the rail ditch.

Jack Snipe: Unfortunately while topping up the rail feeding station, area 2 I flushed one that was tucked up against the edge of the bank at 8.15am. It only just cleared the reed bed and looked as if it were going to come down just along the edge of the lake. The trouble with that location there is no cover, though I looked several times during the morning it didn’t return.

Common Snipe: While again looking for the Jack at 1.00pm I was greeted with the sight of three snipe feeding busily in the ditch. We had hoped that the ditch would attract at least one of these species, but for some reason it hadn’t. Let’s hope this is the start of a more regular occurrence.

Lapwing: A flock of 51 headed west at 8.45am.

Water Rail: one in the rail ditch area 2, was a upset at having to share his territory with these visitors.

Common Teal: one drake commuting between the main lake and the Long Bridge Sanctuary, area 35.




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