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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

4th January

Not much different to report at the start of the new year that wasn’t here at the end of the old one.

Water Rail: the two birds are still present in the rail ditch, area 2. Where the aggressor was tolerating the second bird during the cold weather, hostility has resumed again with plenty of chasing going on.

Tawny Owl: one was at his daytime roost site in the Leaf Yard Wood, area 40. It was hiding away in amongst dense Ivy in one of the trees that last years Ring Ouzel fed from. The only way we found it was that a couple of Jays were scolding it. The other pair of Tawny Owls were seen in area 18 on one of the buildings at dusk yesterday.

Redwing: there seems to be a slight increase, with small parties seen in several locations around the park.

Firecrest: one possibly two were in area 40 but quite mobile.



Hostilities stop briefly as the birds attentions are drawn to a BH Gull trying to still food from the feeding station

DSCN9640   A well hidden Tawny Owl


Redwing feeding at dusk in my garden




Michael said...

Just like to voice my appreciation of this site - I walk through (or cycle around)the Park every day on my way to work and the time is enlivened by looking out for birds, not that I have much time to dally. The site helps me to know what to keep a look out for, where I should look (and what I have missed!), and so is a great help.
And the photogallery has some great pictures.
So - thankyou and my best wishes for the New Year - may it bring lots of exciting new sightings in the Park.
best wishes


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Michael.

Happy New Year to you and thank you for the kind remarks. If you should ever see anything of interest please leave details of where you saw it. I am always grateful for news of birds in the park as we cannot see everything.