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Thursday, February 03, 2011

3rd February

At last some bird news

Firecrest: the pair are still present in area 40, with the female that has tended to stay closer to the boundary fence. The male likes to do a circuit of his winter territory.

Skylark: one flew west at 11.00am

Redwing: two single birds were seen

Common Teal: five birds were in the Wetland Pen, area 32.

Mandarin Duck: eighty-six birds were around the lake, with lots of displaying taking place.

Red crested Pochard: seventy-eight were on the lake.

other waterfowl present on the lake

Shoveler: forty-eight

Gadwall: twenty-four

Pochard: two hundred and ten

Tufted Duck: one hundred and ninety

DSC_0028 - Copy

Firecrest female in area 40




Common Teal in the Wetland Pen

DSC_0065 - Copy

Waxwings are still present though most of the berries have now gone.

DSC_0102 - Copy

DSC_0115 - Copy

DSC_0110 - Copy


DSC_0131 - Copy



Alex Massey said...

Hi Tony,
What time did you see the Waxwings in Hampstead today (Thursday)? I'm trying to work out if it is worth going up there tomorrow morning.
Alex Massey

Michael said...

I was at the Platt street corner this morning (around 8.30) and there was no sign of the waxwinge. I'm envious - longing to see them.
Went into the nearby cemetery instead and there was a lovely firecrest in a yew about half way through the area on the right.
best wishes

regents park said...

Hi Alex.

I am sorry for this late reply, but it was Thursday, though the birds are now spending more time away. I wonder where they have been going to? I checked must of the roads between Platts Lane and Brent Cross, as this is the direction that I have seen them going. I also observed them from the A41 Crickelwood Lane junction.

regents park said...

Hi Michael

They cant be to far away. I had a look at some roads SW of Golders Green. There were some lovely full berried Cotoneasters in some gardens.



Alex Massey said...

Hello Tony
I went today anyway and found about 25 coming to the tree regularly between 11.45 & 12.15. They were mainly resting in a very tall poplar (?) tree or on TV aerials over the other side of the Finchley Road. Not too many berries left now, but what great birds to see in London! I'll be coming to the park for your Firecrests one lunch hour next week!

The Urban Birder said...

Fantastic Firecrest shots Tony.

regents park said...

Hi Alex.

If the forecasters are correct, then Tuesday is looking like it could be a good day to see them.


regents park said...

Cheers Dave.

They are so restless, they never stop moving. I am glad to see that you finally managed to find your own Waxwings.