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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

8th February

Firecrest: the pair are still present in area 40, although when I saw them this afternoon they were slightly further back due to The Green Gym volunteers.

Redwing: one was heard in the dark this morning.

Water Rail: one was seen in area 2 this morning, I haven’t seen two birds together for a while.

Common Teal: five in the Wetland Pen, area 32.




Ten Goldfinches were in areas 31 & 32



Herons are very active either displaying, nest building with some birds also sitting tight on their eggs.



Michael said...

I went to look for the firecrests this morning around 9 and didn't see them. I was there last week and caught a glimpse of one, but there was no sign this morning. (am I in the right place? wildish area with a number of young hazels and alders in full 'flower'?) There were lots of long talied tits, wrens, blue tits and a drumming woodpecker somewhere nearby. Gorgeous morning.
Still gutted that I haven't seen a single waxwing. Cycled around all the backstreets near Platts Lane and areas where front gardens are likely to have visible cotoneasters in Hampstead, St John's Wood, Muswell Hill... but not a single one to be seen. It's not fair.

Your photographs are superb, especially the firecrests as they never seem to sit still for a moment!
best wishes


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Michael.

The birds that you mention are all in the general area. It is where a line of Lime trees are at the northern end of the Rugby pitch. you will see some temporary fencing near a large clump of gorse. follow this until you are standing under a Holme Oak. with a bit of luck they will appear above your head. If it is a new species for you perhaps we can arrange to meet up. If you look at the yahoo London Birders group you will find my email address it starts arduck19...

glen said...

Barn owl and windmill...Are you sure you're not working for the Norfolk tourist board? Great Photos.

I too like Micheal haven't seen the Fiercrests all week end. I was looking but no joy.