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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23rd March

Another reasonable lunchtime raptor watch

Osprey: one flew high north west with purpose at 12.35pm, only deviating slightly when a buzzard took a slight interest.

Common Buzzard: five birds were seen between 12.30pm and 1.15pm.

Peregrine Falcon: two very high fliers were seen at 12.55pm.

Kestrel: two single birds a high male and a lower female.

Water Pipit: one flew low east calling at 12.38pm, just clearing the small trees on the open spaces.

Meadow Pipit: one flew north.

Chiffchaff: one was singing from area 40 this afternoon.



Area 9 particularly before it gets busy is a good place to see Green Woodpeckers


Starling numbers have reason in recent years, though this could soon reverse with the ever increasing number of parakeets.


The drake from the recently arrived pair displays to his partner


Drake Common Pochard tries to avoid being attacked by another drake.


The pain on the lake chases off another swan, he really is a bully and needs taking down a peg or two.


The hybrid goose that accompanies the free winged Bar-headed Geese that arrived yesterday.

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