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Friday, March 04, 2011

4th March

Peregrine Falcon: a male flew over the park at 1.20pm.

Redwing: 5 flew west at 8.25am.

Firecrest: the male was singing along the boundary fence 50 yards north of the Holme Oak this morning.

A few gull snaps as the days are still quiet.



This Common Gull (above) looks as if it’s going down the plug hole.



This shows the size difference between Common and Herring Gull



This Herring Gull crash landed while distracted


Tiggrx said...

I was in the park today and was surprised to see a male Common Pheasant walking across the footbridge by Regent's College and walk out onto the road by York Bridge. Are pheasants a regular feature of Regent's Park?

Tony Duckett said...

That is only the eighth park record. The last being from November 2006 staying until mid January 2007 before moving to Hyde Park. There was one there again last year, these birds have been very approachable. This doesn't mean that they are not birds from the countryside. I do not think that they are likely to be birds from a back garden aviary.

Thanks for reporting it, I will keep an eye on the area.

Tiggrx said...

Thanks Tony, thought it was a bit different from the usual birds I see in the park.

Tiggrx said...

As an update a friend has just e-mailed a photo of a male pheasant which he had just seen in the Avenue Gardens

Tony Duckett said...

It must be keeping one step ahead of me.