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Sunday, April 10, 2011

10th April

House Martin: four were high above the lake at 7.20am.

Willow Warbler: one in area 34.

Common Whitethroat: one in area 31.

Linnet: one flew east.


Four very high Mute Swans at first went over the park. Unfortunately they returned five minutes later and dropping down on to the lake. They will have to contend with the aggressive cobs that are already present.





The only high flying soaring bird that I saw today was the spy in the sky.


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Carol Monger said...

Visted the park yesterday and just wanted to mention that me and a friend saw two Ring-Necked Parakeets on one of the trees on the island in the captive Wildfowl area, and later 7 were flying around the park, are they becoming more common in Regent's Park?