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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12th April

Tawny Owl: the adults were seen feeding the three owlets in a conifer in area 18 early this morning. One of the other adults from the NW corner of the park was seen roosting close to Charlbert Street Bridge, area 43.

Swallow: one was feeding over the lake at 7.50am.

Ring Ouzel: one was seen flying west at 7.30am.

Chiffchaff: nine birds were present, with nest building noticed in a couple of areas.


There is plenty of action in the Heronries on both islands, with good views of youngsters being fed at a lowish nest in an Ash tree half way along the western side of the Bandstand Island, area 7.



Tawny Owl at a daytime roost (below).



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