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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19th April

Northern Wheatear: a female was present on one of the roped off areas near area 35 until 9.00am. It eventually found the constant disturbance to much and moved briefly to area 40, where a male Greenland Wheatear landed on the top of several tall trees before thinking better of it and continued on it way.

Reed Warbler: three birds were present, 1 in area 5 and 2 in the Wetland Pen, area 32.

Common Whitethroat: a male singing and possibly nest prospecting in area 31.

Blackcap: eleven males singing around the park:

Chiffchaff: I hope the present number of singing males that have been present for several weeks have attracted a partner. If so this will be the best year on record.

Stock Dove: thirty feeding in garden pm.

Jackdaw: one was present for a few minutes around 7.20am.

Linnet: one flew east.

Grey Heron?: what was possibly the the highest flying Heron sp I have ever seen flew northish at 7.15am.


Northern Wheatear (female)




Mistle Thrushes are making use of the irrigated sports to collect worms for their broods.




Herring Gull looking for a meal, two pairs have laid eggs so far.


Even this Cormorant looks to be overheating.

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