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Saturday, April 30, 2011

30th April

Today was red letter day

Whimbrel: a flock of 22 flew east at 7.20am.

Wryneck: one was found feeding in the Leaf Yard Wood, area 40. The best chance of seeing the bird is to stand just north of the temporary fencing, looking at the bare ground in the wood.

Swallow: a trickle of birds were noted, though many more may have passed through but I had other things to do.

House Martin: ten over the lake.


Not the best shot, but I only had a split second before they passed behind trees. I small group were just in front of the main flock.


This was my first view of a bird that I had just seen fly into the tree. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I phoned Dave who was soon on the seen and after a short time we had found the bird. It showed really well on occasions.


Not the best light when it fed in the wood, but looked cracking when in full sun.



You can see why it is also called the snake bird

A really beautiful bird



Dads turn to feed the youngsters



stuart said...

Wow, great find Tony!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Stuart.

It was a bit of a shock, I was just glad that it was also seen by Dave.

Neil said...

Excellent fin Tony! Great photos too