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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

4th May

A fairly quiet, no a very quiet day with little of note. So it is really a quick update on the Heron family.

Common Tern: only one was seen on the lake this morning.

Common Sandpiper: the bird is still present on the left hand end of area 8, if you are looking from the lawn by the Bandstand, area 9.

Little Grebe: there seems to have been a couple of new birds arrive on the lake, judging by the trilling and chasing that has been going on.

Swift: one flew north this afternoon.

Swallow: one flew through.






The female arrived back at the nest at 6.40am and was greeted warmly by the three youngsters. After some not to gentle persuasion she regurgitates some food. Heaven only knows what the bright orange morsel that one of the birds is about to swallow is. She soon flies off leaving the youngsters trying to catch flies.



Little Grebe looking for a place to call home.



A couple of Pied Wagtails that look like good candidates for being alba rather than yarelli.


Neil said...

Great photos tony

I reckon the orange thing is someones goldfish!

Neil said...

Had to pop in yesterday after seeing those nest photos. The herons were posing nicely in the daisies too!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Neil

My first thought was that it was a Goldfish. It is only a chunk of what ever it is and looks nothing like a fish. I see that you did indeed have a nice day in the park. The Herons do make a nice subject, not to sure about the Egyptian Geese though.