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Thursday, June 23, 2011

23rd June

Still much the same as it has been, the two identification queeries that I had, the small rodent and the orchid have been solved. The latter was a Pyramidal Orchid, so thank you Tiggrx for that, if I had turned to the next page I would have seen it for myself. The rodent is a Short-tailed bank Vole, but where that and another one that we found decapitated under one of their favoured feeding trees came from is a mystery. I am sure that this species hasn’t been recorded here in so called modern times.

The Little Owls and their young, that I believe to be three are doing well. The recent rain has been a great help as there are plenty of worms and large ones at that near the surface, though looking at the photo below she must have eaten something larger than that.


Female feeding under a large tree



Two of the owlets (below)



One of the juveniles does some sunbathing




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