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Thursday, June 09, 2011

9th June

Common Shelduck: the wild pair appear to have failed in their breeding attempt as they were in the Long Bridge Sanctuary today.
Common Tern: the male continues to fish around the lake, mainly during the early part of the day.
Blackcap: there were two family parties in area 31 and 32 this afternoon.
Reed Warbler: there were 3 males singing in the Wetland Pen.
A pair of Green Woodpeckers were feeding together in area 32 and 33. They are possibly breeding on the island at the end of the lake.
This female Great Spotted Woodpecker was also feeding on ants
Pair of Stock Doves in the Wetland Pen, the male has a deformed bill.

Little Owl shots this morning


Michael said...

lovely pictures as always Tony. I was in the park late yesterday eve near closing time (actually, got locked in...), and saw one ofthe little owl chicks more or less fall out of a tree (one of the chestnuts near the nesting site). Sat looking at me for a while and then flew off. Adult followed a few minutes later. So the chicks are out of the nest...
I still can't quite figure where the Kestrel nesting box is - can you explain how to find it?
best wishes


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Michael

My entry on the 28th May explains where the best place to view the Kestrels is. You know where area 32 is, so just follow the fence anti clockwise until you come to some bamboo shrubs. This is a little distant but you can see the adults dropping of food. Now that they are beginning to fledge the bench alongside area 32 is a good place to watch from.