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Saturday, July 02, 2011

2nd July

I wasn’t working today, but as the light was superb first thing I thought I would check on the Little Owls and the Kestrels on Primrose Hill.


I spotted one of the owlets high up in an Ash tree some 60 metres away (a cropped photo at the same distance below).


Using a clump of trees on the ridge that runs through area 25 I was gradually able to approach a few metres at a time, eventually I was able to get some reasonable shots.



Concentrating on getting pictures of this bird I thought that when he/she looked up it was likely to be a pesky Magpies or something similar. I was wrong, one of his siblings had flown in and landed just above, how considerate.



The picture below captured the moment when the young hiss.


As I approached area 48 the Kestrel site, three juveniles flew from the open area into the trees by the nest site. If I had been 5 minutes earlier I would have got the flight shots that was the reason I had gone up there. However with early morning light I was able to capture some pictures of two juvs. I will try again tomorrow for flight photos weather and light permitting. 





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TootingBirder said...

Hi Tony, I love the Little Owl photos. Really nice. I'd like to come to see these birds. Would you be able to give me directions as I don't know the area?