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Saturday, July 09, 2011

9th July

Very little change today, though the peace and tranquillity around the lake was shattered at 6.45am. I was looking south-east down the lake from the decking by the boat house, when I noticed gulls down by Clarence Bridge dropping down on to the lake. The reason for this soon materialised a juvenile female Peregrine came thundering up the lake, everything was trying to get out of the way.




She skirted the trees trying to flush a stupid Feral Pigeon, to no avail. She made two circuits of the lake before realising that nothing was going to give up their lives today.She then headed of towards the zoo. I did think about heading out on to the open spaces to see if I could pick her up, but thought she would be long gone.





Off she goes towards the zoo. I got out on to the open spaces 10 minutes later and was shocked to see her thundering around the trees and buildings of the zoo bordering the park. I wasn’t sure if she was interacting with the juvenile Kestrels, who were also there and not appearing to be distressed by her presence. Before I could get close enough she did move off.


Kestrel by London Zoo



stuart said...

Lovely pics Tony, thanks!

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers, I wasn't expecting to see that yesterday.

Ben Andrew said...

Hi Tony! Love the blog!

I am looking to visit Regents Park on Wednesday as i am down in London. Would really love to photograph the Juv Kestrels and Little Owls, any tips to where is best to find them etc?

Many Thanks!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Ben, I haven't been to check on the owls for a few days, though I am sure they are still there. The best time to visit area 25 is between 6.00am and 7.00am, to beat to many dog walkers and joggers. The Kestrels can be seen around area 30 to 37 or if you have time the pair on Primrose Hill can be seen in area 48 sometimes feeding on the ground in area 49. If you can get to area 25 early, then as long as it doesn't rain to hard tomorrow I could possibly give you a close up view of the adults as long as they still tolerate me.