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Sunday, August 14, 2011

14th August

I am sorry for the lack of bird news recently, there has been a lot going on at work recently. I am off to Suffolk for until Friday afternoon, hoping to finally set foot on the RSPB’s Minsmere reserve. With a bit of luck there will be something of interest for me to find, maybe a;


If not one of the above or something of equal rarity status then a good range of species will do.

Today in the park saw.

Common Whitethroat: 12 birds in areas 31, 32 and 39.

Blackcap: 18 birds present in those areas with brambles or elderberries.

Reed Warbler: 4 birds at the end of the lake in area 34.

Willow Warbler: 8 birds in area 32.

Chiffchaff: 12 birds in area 31 and 32.

Grey Wagtail: 2 birds in area 1 by the rearing pond.

If you should visit the park and see something of interest could you please leave me the details in the comments section.

                  Thank you


Morg and Rose said...

Hi Tony, Leafyard wood: Wednesday, Spotted Flycatcher; Thursday, 1 or most likely 2 Garden Warbers.

Tony Duckett said...


Great to see that there is someone out there looking for migrants.