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Thursday, August 25, 2011

25th August

A rather wet morning, though a couple of good birds were seen before the rains really arrived.

Golden Plover: 25 birds flew NW at 7.20am just after a short downpour.

Common Swift: three birds over the trees in area 2 at 6.15am.

Northern Wheatear: possibly yesterdays bird was still present on the open spaces area 37.

Pied Flycatcher: two birds were feeding in the SW corner of the Old Golf and Tennis School site, area 39 at 8.40am.

Spotted Flycatcher: two birds also present with the above.

The usual warblers were still present but in much lower numbers.


I am off to Pembrokeshire for a week, hopefully the weather will be kind to my wife and I. If all goes to plan I hope to go on a pelagic trip to see some sea birds and cetaceans.

If anyone should come and bird in the park, they please leave sightings of anything interesting in the comments section. 


Beau~Jensen said...

I was up in the park a few weeks ago spying on the kestrels. How many have you counted this year?


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Beau.

Sorry for the late reply, but a vacation was needed. The two pairs of Kestrels produced a total of 8 young, though seeing them all now is unlikely.



Beau~Jensen said...

Smashing! That you for your reply!
I trust you enjoyed your holiday!
Excellent photo's, am off west in a few weeks in hope of spotting some Chough.
I was in Regents park again today - wish I had spied the Wood Warbler.

have a lovely week.