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Thursday, September 15, 2011

15th September

Little Egret: one flew east at 7.45am. I am surprised we do not have more sightings of this species. It is one of a small band of birds who’s numbers are increasing steadily in the UK. 

Honey Buzzard: a very high flying bird was undoubtedly this species, but it was so high and distant that I will not be claiming it to be one.

Common Buzzard: seven birds flew through between 11.25am and 1.00pm, the most seen together were a group of three.

Peregrine Falcon: there was a high flier over the Zoo at 1.50pm.

Sparrowhawk: three birds were seen.

Barn Swallow: 480 were seen passing through, most of them at a really high altitude. These were just the one’s that I saw, the passage steady throughout the day.

House Martin: these too were on the move, with 230 observed, though many more must have passed through.

Yellow Wagtail: 2 singles headed south-west.

Grey Wagtail: three were around the pond in the Nature Study Centre, area 1.

Northern Wheatear: one turned up late in the day, by the gorse bushes in area 34.

Whinchat: one was in the company of the above species, well they were in the same area.

Meadow Pipit: 60 headed SW, though others were heard but not seen.

Spotted Flycatcher:2 were in area 39.

Chiffchaff: at least 22 were around the park.

Linnet: one flew SW at 7.55am.

Shoveler: 10 were on the lake.


Migrant Hawker (above) and Ruddy Darter (below)


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