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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12th October

Woodlark: a bird flew SW over the open spaces calling at 10.25am.

Grey Wagtail: one was around the lake.

House Martin: one flew NE at 10.00am.

Chiffchaff: 8 birds were seen or heard.

Blackcap: one was in the Wetland Pen, area 32.

Goldcrest: 14 were seen around the park.

Wood Pigeon: 250 flew SW at 7.45am, if the winds swing around towards the east then we should see large numbers heading towards France.

It could be worth getting out into an open area over the coming days as there is a good chance that we could see large numbers of birds heading SW. The best time to witness this spectacle is normally from first light until around 9.30am.

1 comment:

Beau~Jensen said...

Shall be there with bells on, on Saturday!
Wonderful photo's of Scilly by the way!