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Friday, December 02, 2011

2nd December

Not much to report, but still a couple of goodies still present.

Northern Pintail: The 1st winter drake was present again today.

European Wigeon: the pair are still present and have began to mix in with the collection wigeon in area 35, so a close check for both sets of primaries is called for. The birds do tend to look a little more nervous than the resident one’s.

Tawny Owl: a male was calling from area 40 at 11.30am.

Fieldfare: one flew over Primrose Hill.

Lesser Redpoll: one was feeding on Silver Birch cones in area 36.


Northern Pintail


Fraser Simpson said...

Very nice flight image of the Pintail! Its amazing the difference some sun helps.

Tony Duckett said...

It was very bright and I only had a split second between it seeing me and it taking off like a rocket and disappearing behind some nearby vegetation.

castlehaven said...

2, possibly 3 Little Owls calling from the East side of the park yesterday evening at about 1700.

Tony Duckett said...

I do not get over that side much at this time of the year.