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Saturday, February 11, 2012

11th February

Goosander: three drakes and a female flew SW at 2.50pm.

Smew: the 1st winter drake is still present in area 34.

Redwing: 650 flew through by 10.30am.

Fieldfare: 500 flew mainly SE also by 10.30am.

Siskin: 4 birds in the Cricket Pen, area 31 this afternoon.


Just a record shot of the Goosanders before the flew SW and into the sun.



These 2 pictures show 50% of the waterfowl present on the lake today.








Female Kestrel in the Wetland Pen, area 32.



One of the 500 plus Fieldfares that passed overhead this morning


Siskin female in the thicket opposite the gate into the Wetland Pen


Morg and Rose said...

Hi Tony, 4 male House Sparrows singing in the hedge next to St Mark's bridge entrance into the park at 1.30pm Sunday 12th. It was really delightful to hear them singing. They were so confiding, 2 sat out in the open with people passing by on the pavement next to them. It was a reminder of how things used to be!!

Tony Duckett said...

It is great that they are there, I will be installing some next boxes nearby. The only problem I have is the so called bird lady dropping food everywhere and rats coming to the garden.



glen said...

Great pics of Narnia I mean busy park.
Your Buzzard must be the closest London Buzzard.
Like your new office to.
Gonna wander over park and find some sparrows.

Tony Duckett said...

I think that my Buzzard is surrounded by the suburbs, just about but the ones that you have seen just south of Elstree on the A41 are possibly slightly closer to St Pauls(the City). There are plenty of Rabbits in Bushy if that is what it is living on. I hope you managed to find some sparrows. I am off to Norfolk for just over a day, hope the weather is kind to me.