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Monday, February 13, 2012

13th February

Smew: the drake redhead is still present.

Goosander: Ten minutes after I had recounted the story of my sighting of 4 birds Dave, phoned to say that he had seen 3 flying SW at 9.00am.

Lapwing: Maggie texted me while I was in the middle of painting the bathroom to report a bird down on the Cricket Tables. I replied that I bet it won’t be long before it is flushed. Back came the reply that the bird was now heading off over St Johns Wood. They never have a moments peace in the park.

Redwing: 110 flew along the canal heading west at 8.25am.

Lesser Redpoll: 3 birds were in the Cricket Pen.


 This Little Grebe was a casualty of the cold weather, it was very emaciated.

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