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Friday, February 17, 2012

17th February

Regent’s Park

Smew: the bird is still present.

Woodcock: Dave watched as a bird flew around the Inner Circle.

Bushy Park

Common Teal: 9 were feeding in the Scrape.

Stock Dove: 56 were feeding together in the paddocks.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: at last, while indulging myself with a particularly tasty egg and bacon roll, this little undulating bird headed in my direction. I was out of the car in an instance and careful not to dribble yolk all down my front watched as this tiny little woodpecker settled on an uppermost part of a tree. Though not that close, it was close enough to make out the red cap of a male. It rested there until it was flushed by a jogger and flew towards the canal plantation.

Skylark: 2 birds flew over, heading west towards the Brew House Fields.

Fieldfare: 80 birds flew north.

Redwing: 135 birds flew north, after spending some time feeding on the ground in the paddocks.


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