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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

28th February

Nothing to report from Regent’s Park

Bushy Park

It was a very calm start to the day with the sound of drumming Great spotted Woodpeckers in all directions. I had hoped to pop out towards the Canal Plantation and listen out for the Lesser spotted drumming. However work in the Brew House Field area, meant that I had to oversee the removal of phragmites from one of the pools.

However I did manage to see a few things.

Common Buzzard: still present.

Redwing: 160 were feeding in the paddocks, moving to the Woodland Gardens on occasions.

Fieldfare: 60 birds were with the Redwings.

Lesser Redpoll: 4 birds were in Silver Birch trees at the Dukes Head Passage end of the Woodland Gardens.

Siskin: 60 were feeding in the Canal Plantation.

Reed Bunting: a pair were in the Brew House Fields.

Common Buzzard mobbed by a Crow








Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent series of images of the Crow mobbing the Buzzard Tony....they don't give up easily do they.

Tony Duckett said...

They are a bloomin nuisance, and another species that is doing well due to the amount of waste we produce.

Robin R Robinson said...

Absolutely fabulous flight sequence! Wish I had taken those shots!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi it is all about a bit of luck and being in an area with at least one Buzzard and too many Crows.

birdman_euston said...

1 March: Beautiful morning but no unusual sightings. Two Greenfinches seen in area 22 (for first time this year), where the species was omnipresent during the breeding season last year. Seven Redwings in area 40. Drake redhead Smew feeding off north shore of Heron Island. Collared Dove in area 10 (The Holme). First waterfowl progeny of the year: Egyptian Goose (five goslings with parents), on shoreline of lake in Queen Mary's Gardens.