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Thursday, February 02, 2012

2nd February

At last some news for Regent’s Park

Common Teal: three birds on the lake.

Redwing: 5 flew through.

Siskin: 4 birds on the peanut feeder in the Wetland Pen, area 32. They can be seen from the viewing platform.

Bushy Park

Great Black-backed Gull: One was on the boating pond.

Water Rail: one was walking on the ice near the Iron Bridge.

Fieldfare: 100 plus flew south in two flocks.

Redwing: 220 plus flew south, while there were still birds feeding alongside the Longford River in the Woodland Gardens.

Siskin: The flock of around 40, were feeding in Alder trees also alongside the Longford River in the Woodland Gardens.


Redwing (above) and Fieldfares take a breather (below)



A fleeing Water Rail


Great B B Gull, for some reason the bright blue skies seem to have given my photos a blue tint.




This Grey Heron allowed me to approach reasonably close, normally it bolts before I get to within 50 meters of him.

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