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Saturday, February 04, 2012

4th February

Much of the boating lake is now iced over, with waterfowl concentrated around area 8. Other birds are now being forced to move due to this cold spell. I wonder if somewhere preferably in the park or at worst not to far away can produce a scarce winter thrush, something like an adult male Black-throated would be nice. Back to the park, my first walk about for a couple of weeks.

Red crested Pochard: 68 birds on the main lake.

Mandarin Duck: 46 hiding away on the main lake, they really can be hard to locate.

Fieldfare: 74 flew west.

Redwing: In the 2 hours I was in the park 380 flew over in no particular direction. There is no doubt a lot more passed through, as even from my kitchen window a couple of flocks headed west a few hours later.

Siskin: 4 birds were feeding in area 31.

Goldfinch: 36 birds feeding in small groups around the lakeside.


Redwing (above) drops in before continuing on it’s journey with

a passing flock (below).






This big yellow canary flew over my house yesterday not the most

melodic of birds.

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