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Monday, February 06, 2012

6th February

After months of very little bird activity Dave came up with some goodies today.

Smew: 1st winter male, first seen on the main lake at 8.25am before flying into the Longbridge Sanctuary areas 34 & 35. Here it soon joined the Smew in the collection and appeared to be feeding by the waterfowl feeding station. I managed to see it, when I returned home from West London. It was still present in the sanctuary but flew out on to the main lake when something spooked the wild birds in that area. It was relocated on the ice in area 6. I managed a few photos before it again took off and flew back to where it had come from.

European Wigeon: 6 birds were on the main lake, some of these also commuted into area 34 and back.

Common Teal: 13 birds were present.

Shoveler: At least 90 birds were present on the main lake.

Common Snipe: One was present in the rail ditch, area 2 this morning.

Lapwing: one flew west at 2.50pm. Belated news from yesterday, 4 were seen in the morning and 7 in the afternoon.

Fieldfare: 600 birds landed briefly in trees in Queen Mary’s Gardens before heading off SW at 8.10am.

Redwing: 1060 birds in large flocks flew SW prior to 10.00am.

Reed Bunting: a male was feeding on Bulrush seeds in the rail ditch, before then moving to the reed bed opposite. It couldn’t be seen later, but may have been feeding on the floor.

Siskin: 4 birds in the Cricket Pen, area 31.







Bushy Park

Redwing: 220 in several flocks flew SW.

Fieldfare: 4 birds were feeding on the ground north of the Woodland Gardens.


4 Red Crested Pochard were on the Leg of Mutton Pond


glen said...

Some nice pics there..._12C tonight something might come in from outside of London fingers crossed....BlackThroat!! here's hoping.

Tony Duckett said...

Always think big, you never know.