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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

8th February

Smew: drake still present.

Common Teal: There is still a small flock present.

Redwing: 200+ flew through, a small flock are feeding on berries in area 27.

Fieldfare: 94 flew west in small flocks.

Siskin: a male was singing in the Cricket Pen, area 31.

Bushy Park

Lapwing: a flock of 28 birds were feeding in the paddocks, could well be the birds seen yesterday.

Redwing: I didn’t get out much today, but I still saw over 400 birds flying through.

Siskin: 3 were in the Woodland Gardens




Lapwings in the paddocks


glen said...

Bushy park sounds so exotic so many birds.
Nice snipe shots, I didn't realise that the under wins were so white.

Tony Duckett said...

The underwings are nicely patterned, not as barred as the Wilson's Snipe the trouble is unless they strecth their wings, the best chance of seeing it is when they do their display flight.