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Thursday, February 09, 2012

9th February

Not much change in Regent’s Park and Bushy Park

Smew: Redhead male still present.

Common Teal: 29 present today.

European Wigeon: 3 pairs on the lake.

Lapwing: 2 birds were flushed from the open spaces, a fete that happens to all interesting grassland visitors.

Redwing: 150 flew over and at least 40 were feeding on berries in my garden.

Fieldfare: A similar number flew through and one was with the Redwings in my garden.







I do hate these noisy alien residents

Bushy Park

Lapwing: 14 birds were present in the paddocks.

Redwing: 180 birds were feeding in the Brew House Fields. Others flocks were seen flying over, in less number than the previous 2 days.

Fieldfare: 95 were also in the Brew House Fields


Lapwings doing a circuit of the Paddocks


What a difference some light makes to a Fieldfare



This Redwing really is red, compared to the ones in Regent’s Park


Fraser Simpson said...

Hi Tony, today (Fri 10th), a Lapwing was on the ice near the rail ditch at 09:30 - appeared to have an injured leg. Also 300+ Redwings and 120 Fieldfare flew south before 09:00.

David Stanley said...

Hi Tony,

I've just discovered your blog (I'm a beginner birder)and as I work just round the corner in Camden it has already been a great source of help for some lunchtime birding sorties.

I have a question. I've never seen a Smew so popped out today to see if I could find the wild redhead you've posted about. I went to areas 34 & 35 and saw a total of three 'white nuns' and two redheads. Is there an easy way of determining if I saw the wild bird? I couldn't tell if any of the birds had leg rings or clipped wings.

Thanks for a really informative blog and keep up the great work!


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Fraser.

Thanks for the information, the lack of which I was worrying about due to my new position in the parks. Please feel free to contribute any interesting observations you should make on your way through the park.



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Dave.

The wild bird tends to look a little more agitated than the others, which it does keep close to. The grey on the mantle has a frosty look to it as there is some white coming through. It also has a more elegant look about it. A good place to look for it is to look up the none public side of area 34. The merganser, Buffleheads and Smew ten to favour this area when not feeding. The primary projection is quite easy to see, there are four redheads in the collection at least.

I am glad the blog has been a help to you.