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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14th March

Regent’s Park

There was no sign of yesterdays Stonechat and Reed Bunting, but;

Smew: was present in area 35 this afternoon before flying out on to the lake.

Lapwing: one was flushed at 6.30am, probably arriving with BH Gulls. 




Wood Pigeons feeding on Poplar buds



Some fishermens friends coming into roost

Bushy Park

Little Egret: one was in the Woodland Garden feeding on one of the streams on the southern edge.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: a pair were in the Round Plantation at 7.25am.

Redwing: 40 were in the Paddocks.

Fieldfare: 10 were with the Redwings.

Lesser Redpoll: a small group were again in the Poplars in the Woodland Garden.

Siskin: at least 40 were in the same areas as the other day.

The video clip below was taken on my ipod by the Round Plantation. Though only a small area at the time it had all 3 species of woodpecker plus Nuthatches and Tree Creepers. The female LSW was drumming from the top of the tree a male was nearby.






It is amazing how they are able to hang and walk while upside down.


Pete Woodruff said...

Love the pic of the Smew in flight Tony....well done.

Tony Duckett said...

It was a bit quick off the mark and a little to close to pan with.

Matt said...

I regularly walk around the park on my lunch break and as a bit of bird relief from the desk job. Amazed that there are Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers there. I have a map of the park to hand, but couldnt pin down the 'round plantation'. Any tips on where to keep an eye out?



birdman_euston said...

15 Mar: First singing Chiffchaff of year, feeding in flowering cherry tree at S entrance to Regent's College 10.40.

Dense early-morning fog had cleared just before 09.00hr, after which the viewing conditions and ambient temperature improved spectacularly. Earlier, a Redwing in area 39 was the only (visible!) bird of note.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Matt

You may have been slightly misled, The Round Plantation is unfortunately in Bushy Park. I use Blue writing for Regent's and Brown for Busy Park. I do state which park I am writing about, so sorry for any confusion.

Matt said...

Ah Brilliat I hadn't realised that. Thanks for clearing it up. Really appreciate it.

Great blog by the way. Always have a read when I get a lunch break, or before heading out to Regents Park!