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Thursday, March 15, 2012

15th March

Regent’s Park

There arriving at last

Chiffchaff: one was near the southern gate into Regent’s College. Thanks birdman_euston for the info.


Chiffchaff, but not todays bird.

Bushy Park

Mandarin Duck: 4 pairs were in the Canal Plantation.

Common Buzzard: The Brew House bird was soaring over the west side of the park at 12.50pm.

Skylark: 2 were singing from the Upper Lodge Road area.

Meadow Pipit: 4 birds flew north.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: the male was drumming again this morning, though he was hard to see.

Siskins, Lesser Redpolls, Redwings and Fieldfares are still present.


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker male in the mist


Then eventually the sun came out



Nuthatch with mud on his bill, so nest holes are being made smaller. I will be watching closely to see if the parakeets are having any effect on there breeding success.


Jackdaws are also staking out possible nest sites, though the holes they require would not be on a Nuthatches radar.

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