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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20th March

Regent’s Park:

Smew: drake still present.

Peregrine Falcon: a juvenile female flew NW at 7.55am.

Little Owl: a bird was in area 31 this morning, it or another had been seen in this area a few weeks ago, so could be hiding somewhere nearby.

Nuthatch: a bird was in the Cricket Pen at 7.45am. If we get this species in the park they tend to turn up in July.

Chiffchaff: still a few in the park.

Reed Bunting: a male was singing from reeds in the Wetland Pen, area 32.

Now for a new location.

Richmond Park

Tawny Owl: one was calling from close to Holly Lodge.

Reed Bunting: 9 birds were by Pen Ponds.

Blackcap: one was by Holly Lodge.


















linda ashken said...

Delighted to see you at my regular haunt Tony. Hope it will be a regular feature .

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Linda, I will probably be spending a couple of days a week in Richmond Park, but it is such a big park and finding the migrant hotspots will be a bit of a challenge.

Bill D said...

I was at Pen Ponds late last week, and found those Reed Buntings to be ridiculously tame, often coming hopping around my feet to feed! Don't know if you experienced the same thing?

The ferns by Lower Pen Ponds harboured a pair of Wheatear when I was there on Friday, but they may have since departed.

glen said...

Richmond too!!! Lovely Reed Buntings. Getting a bit envious of the other parks though.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Bill I did not have much time and the birds were keeping in the bracken. It was also first thing I the morning with no public about, so often birds behave differently. I did look for wheatears around the paddocks

birdman_euston said...

21 Mar: Cloudy, calm and quite mild at daybreak, clouds evaporating after 08.30. Flock of 20 ad Herring and 15 ad Lesser Black-Backed Gull in area 37 at dawn (06.00).

Reed Bunting singing weakly in area 32 at 06.55 but not thereafter (I checked again around 08.30). By 'weakly', I mean his song is abbreviated: a rapid "tzee-tzee-tzee" without the "chitit". Must do better - we need a breeding pair! By contrast, the Song Thrush in the SE corner of Regent's Park College knows all the 'bells and whistles' - what a virtuoso!

The small overwintering flock of goldfinches in area 39 appears to have departed in the past week or so; Long-Tailed Tits are pairing up.

I heard no Blackcaps this morning but Chiffchaffs were again in areas 1, 31 and 40 as well as 17.