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Thursday, March 22, 2012

22nd March

Regent’s Park

Reed Bunting: the male is still present in area 32.

Chiffchaff: still over ten birds mainly around the lake or in the west of the park, area 40 and surrounds.

Bushy Park

A very hazy day until around mid day when the cloud began to break up.

Red Kite: one soared high above the park before heading off east.

Common Buzzard: the Brew House bird was soaring over the Woodland Garden at 12.20pm.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: a pair and the male were seen in several locations this morning.

Redwing: 6 birds were in the Round Plantation.

Chiffchaff: 5 singing males.

Siskins and Lesser Redpolls still present


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker female











Red Kite in the haze at a very high altitude



Common Buzzard at around the same height as the Kite but with the light improving.




birdman_euston said...

23 Mar: Morning weather similar to yesterday's but hazier. Reed Bunting sang once in area 32 at 06.00. Chiffchaffs in areas 1, 11, 31, 33, and 40. Blackcap sang once at 07.55 in ornamental cherry next to male Goldcrest's favoured yew on hilltop W of Queen Mary's Gardens pond, area 17.

Sparrowhawk soared briefly over N end of area 37 at 10.45. Brimstone butterfly flying in area 32 at noon; Peacock butterfly in ornamental cherry, area 17 at 13.05.

Tony Duckett said...

There were several species of Butterfly on the wing in Bushy Pk today, but not much change on the migrant front, though I did have a Willow Warbler not to far from the park.

birdman_euston said...

24 Mar: Weather clear, calm and slightly misty like yesterday. Didn't hear the Reed Bunting in area 32 at dawn this morning like the last few days - but he hasn't sung much let alone shown for me anyway!

Here are some less-common passerines' territories that have become established since mid-March (NB my morning circuit does not include the NE and NW ends of the Park, i.e. Cumberland Green, Regent's Canal and Gloucester/St Mark's/Hanover Gates):

Chiffchaff (one line per male):
Area 1 (Winfield House garden)
Area 31 & 29
Area 32 & 33
Area 40

In addition, two or more male Chiffchaffs are 'floating' around Regent's College (areas 10->14 and 19).

Coal Tit:
Area 18

Area 17 (hill W of pond)

This morning I saw a female Blackcap in the same location I heard a male (a week ago but not since), i.e. both sides of the Inner Circle in areas 10 (The Holme) and 19.

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks Birdman

It does seem fairly quiet, the clear skies do us no favours. We are possibly missing Ospreys on their way north. It is also a good time to see the odd Red Kite, though one year I did have 3 together.

birdman_euston said...

For a change I scanned the heavens all yesterday morning, from my vantage-point at the E end of area 37 (Park staff were preparing the playing fields at the W end} near the Honest Sausage, but without success apart from a Sparrowhawk.

My 'skywatch' time is limited so I'll wait for the wind to pick up from a southerly direction before trying again.