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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28th March

Again very little change in both parks, the only birds out of the ordinary were;

Regent’s Park

Collared Dove: a pair seemed to have taken up residents in the Wetland Pen area.

Bushy Park

Common Shelduck: a pair seemed to be looking for a nest site.

Collared Dove: a pair were present in the paddocks.

I had to undertake some work on the way home for The London Peregrine Partnership, this gave me a chance to catch up with this majestic falcon.




one day a crappy Kite photo today a crappy Peregrine photo






birdman_euston said...

Sorry, Tony - for Collared Dove, read *Wood Pigeons* are nesting near the kestrels. (It was the Pigeons' white collar that confused me.) Mea culpa!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Birdman

It did sound unusual, but Dave had a pair in his garden the other day.

birdman_euston said...

29 Mar:

[At Dave's suggestion, from now on I'm not including run-of-the-mill observations on those species that (I think) are year-round residents.]

Clear and calm with less ground frost than yesterday. I arrived 15 minutes before sunrise to try to beat to the punch a certain dogwalker who wears a bright-yellow fright-jacket and completely circles the playing fields with her two dogs every morning, only to hear the sound of feeding gulls being flushed. Sure enough, she had arrived at least half an hour before dawn this time! Time to re-set the alarm-clock again...

Gadwall 3
Shoveler 5
Shelduck 4

Blackcaps singing in areas 31, 40 and 42.

Chiffchaffs singing in areas 17, 31 and 40.

stuart said...

Nice pics Tony (as always, even the 'crappy' one). Thanks for helping out!