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Thursday, March 29, 2012

29th March

Regent’s Park

No change apart from;

Common Shelduck:possibly four fully-winged birds present.

Bushy Park

Common Shelduck: a pair flew west over the paddocks.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: the male was drumming in the Round Plantation.

Fieldfare: one was calling from the top of an Oak alongside the Dukes Head Passage.

Blackcap: three males singing.

Chiffchaff: six birds singing on the western side of the park.


Mandarin in tree alongside the Longford River


Common Shelducks fly west


Fieldfare; this bird remained here for 40 minutes.


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in the Round Plantation






Great Spotted Woodpecker


Nuthatch territorial dispute (I am sorry it is blurred but it was a fair way off).


Kingfisher by the Longford River




Reed Bunting close to the screen near the Dukes Head Passage



Marc Heath said...

Great Lesser Spot shots, very jealous of them.

Helen Speak said...

Hi Tony, whereabouts do you mean by the 'wetland pen' in Regents Park please? Thanks :)

Tony Duckett said...

Hellen the wetland pen is area 32 on the map it is viewed by looking over the hedge or by standing by the gate at the north east end..

birdman_euston said...

30 Mar: Getting hazier with high cirrus cloud, as the prodigious high-pressure cell that's dominated our weather for the past two weeks slowly releases its grip.

Arrived in the gloom at 06.00 via Chester Gate, to be greeted by a fabulous pre-dawn chorus, mainly of Blackbirds, as I walked across the north end of the English Gardens (area 22) to the intersection of the Broad Walk with Chester Road, which could be renamed 'Passerine Junction'. (North of the junction the cacophony diminished dramatically.)

Unlike yesterday I beat the K9 Corps to the playing fields, which currently appears to be a dawn rendezvous site for a flock of 70-100 gulls (three-quarters of them Herring and the rest Lesser Black-backed, almost all of them adults).

Gadwall 2 (pair)
Common Shelduck 4 (two pairs)
(The Shovelers appear to have left.)

Chiffchaff 5: areas 7 (Bandstand Island, a new singing location for me this Spring), 13 (S end of Regent's College grounds), 19, 31 and 41.

Blackcap 2: areas 34 and 41.

Carnage in area 14, where a pair of Grey Squirrels was snipping off the emerging compound leaves of horse-chestnut trees to munch at their succulent base before discarding them to the path below, creating quite a mess.

Helen Speak said...

Tony - that sounds like whats marked on the map I have as area 25, where there's a pond and trees with kestrel boxes. Area 32 is marked as the bit of the canal by the exit from the winter gardens. Maybe given that possibility, is that why I couldn't find any gorse in area 34? On my map, area 34 is the top end of the canal, where the zoo carpark is and the chinese restaurant! Many thanks in advance if youre able to clear this up! :)

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Helen.
If you click on the link to Map on the Blog and not the Website you will get a more up to date map. You are correct in identifying the area. I am thinking of how to make the website more up to date. It would involve lots of writing, which takes me ages to get motivated and then I rely on my son who is my web designer.
Sorry for the confusion.

Helen Speak said...

Ah brilliant, thanks! Got the right map now :) Explains a lot!