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Saturday, April 21, 2012

21st April

Regent’s Park

Whimbrel: one flew west at 1.50pm.

Peregrine: one landed briefly in a tree by the reservoir on Primrose Hill.

Yellow-legged Gull: an adult popped in briefly at 7.30am

Collared Dove: one flew west at 7.00am, another or a pair may be present in area 14.

Yellow Wagtail: one flew north at 6.55am.

House Martin: one was over the lake this morning, possibly the first of the birds that breed on Park Road.

Common Redstart: I again had frustrating views in the Leaf Yard Wood area 40 around the Holme Oak that is close to the fence. This time it was a female and impossible to get anywhere near.

Willow Warbler: one in area 33.

Linnet: one circled the open spaces at 7.05am.

Reed Bunting: the male was in the Wetland Pen, area 32.


Yellow-legged Gull (adult)


The three young are growing rapidly, but are not keen on these cold damp conditions.


The grass around the Bandstand, area 10 can be a good place to see Green Woodpeckers.


This female Rose-ringed Parakeet is carrying eggs, which means more of the ------ things.


Typical, the sun goes in when I get the chance to get my first picture of a Collared Dove flying over the park.


The first House Martin of the year



My what big feet you’ve got


Was it something that I said


Usain Coot getting ready for the Olympics

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birdman_euston said...

22 Apr: Weather much like yesterday, clear with light W winds - and muddier than ever after still more showers overnight.

Reed Bunting 1m seen and/or heard 'singing' ("dzeep, dzib-dzib") in area 32/33 at 06.10, area 5 at 06.30 and in area 2 at 08.05. This second-year male (Dave tells me there's a female as well) is playing 'musical reed-beds', flying from one to another every 20 minutes or so. At this rate, when the music stops he'll be too exhausted to breed (!)

Willow Warbler 1: area 41.

I found out this morning why 'Angus' (the "Loch LO-mond" Chiffchaff) hasn't been serenading the American Ambassador in area 1 as much lately: he's refocused his singing endeavours on the NE end of area 43 (behind the temporary Flying Trapeze School (!), and within earshot of 'Paul' in area 40).