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Monday, April 23, 2012

23rd April

Regent’s Park

Common Whitethroat: what could be the male that has summered here for the last two years is back in the Cricket Pen, area 31.

Willow Warbler: six birds were singing around the park.

Bushy Park male Common Whitethroat




Bushy Park

Common Shelduck: a pair were on the Heron Pond.

Northern Wheatear: one was just south of the Heron Pond.

Lesser Whitethroat: one was singing quietly 100 meters north of Dukes Head Passage.

Common Whitethroat: two males were in scrub close to Dukes Head Passage.

Willow Warbler: four birds were singing alongside the Longford River.

Linnet: one flew west.


birdman_euston said...

At last, the Cricket Pen is graced by a Whitethroat (nearly two weeks later than last year)! Nice one, Tony.

Tony Duckett said...

It did coincide with the arrival of a good number of birds into the UK

birdman_euston said...

24 Apr: Low cloud, intermittent drizzle with brisk northerly wind.

Ground now saturated, with small patches of standing water in places - what a change from three weeks ago, when the ground had been baked rock-hard by several weeks of near-uninterrupted sunshine.

Birding in the open ground of area 37 is becoming more interesting, as birds flock to gobble up the ground invertebrates forced to the surface by all the rain.
Northern Wheatear 1f - Open Spaces, area 37 at 07.25.
Kestrel 1m - feeding on ground at SE end of area 37 at daybreak, 05.45.
Dozens of Carrion Crows and Herring Gulls, with several Lesser Black-backed Gulls among them, feeding in area 37 throughout the early morning.

Reed Bunting 1m - singing in area 32 at 07.10.

Willow Warbler 4 - areas 2 (two birds, one singing), 14 and 31.

(I couldn't find the Common Whitethroat in area 31 at 07.00.)

Helen Speak said...

I'm not finding the birds at the mo - doesn't seem to be much about in the early afternoon when I can get there :( Willow warblers are being especially stubborn. Where's best to look?? And Tony, whereabouts did you see collared dove(s) in the park? They're being uncharacteristically elusive too!

Tony Duckett said...

Helen area 31, 32, 33 and 34 are normally the best places to look for willow warblers. The collared doves have been seen by nursery lodge area 18.

Helen Speak said...

Ah, thanks! Not tried 18 for doves yet. No sign of lunch break willow warblers as yet (I suspect they're all siesta-ing!), though that's on my usual route, but I shall keep looking :)