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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

24th April

Regent’s Park

House Martin: one bird was above the lake this afternoon.

Northern Wheatear: 1 bird was present this morning, by this afternoon there were 2m, 1f northern race and 2m and 1f Greenland race birds on the cricket wickets.

Common Whitethroat: the male was singing very quietly from inside the Cricket Pen, area 31.

Willow Warbler: 3 birds were singing today.


Northern Wheatear (Greenland race) above and below


Northern Wheatear



Bushy Park

Swift: one over Heron Pond

Swallow: one over Heron Pond, the other around the Stock Yard.

Common Whitethroat: two birds in same locations as yesterday.

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birdman_euston said...

26 Apr: Mainly cloudy at daybreak (05.42), with gusty SSW wind. Showers, some heavy, beginning 06.15.

(I was in the park yesterday morning as well but found nothing to report, as it had turned into a SE monsoon by 07.00.)

Northern Wheatear 1f in Open Spaces, area 37 at 07.55 (same as two days ago).

Reed Bunting 1m singing in Wetland Pen at 07.34. By 07.41 it was singing near the top of its favourite shrub (the location of which is described in this blog's Comments section for 22nd April).

Willow Warbler 2: areas 31 and 34.

In the Cricket Pen, area 31, a Chiffchaff was seen near the ground in the elm thicket while 'Geoff' was singing in area 32. Again no luck, however, with the Common Whitethroat, nor with the Lesser Whitethroat seen and heard by Dave on in the Cricket Pen on 23/24 April.