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Monday, April 02, 2012

2nd April

I am off to Leicester University to conferences attend the conference; Ecosystem Services: Do we need birds. Having attended the last two April conferences, no doubt this will be equally as interesting.

It will give me a chance to stop off at Eyebrook Reservoir and hopefully connect with an Osprey or two. Also as I am staying with my brother, I look forward to seeing Tree Sparrows in his garden.

If you should see something of interest in the park in my absence please leave details in the comments section.

Thank you.




Pete Woodruff said...

Hope someone keeps an eye on things in the park for you, enjoy the break Tony.

glen said...

Didn't read the blog just looked at the photo, nearly had kittens!

Now that is an April fools.

Enjoy you trip

birdman_euston said...

3 Apr: Partly cloudy and calm with ground frost and slight mist at daybreak.

Gadwall 2 (pr)
Shoveler 1 m
Shelduck 4 2pr (one free-flying pair was at the waterfowl feeding station; the other pair appears to include a winged duck, with the drake free-flying - they tend to feed in area 36 and roost in area 8)

Chiffchaff 3: areas 1, 19 and 40
Blackcap 1: area 41

Helen Speak said...

2 grey wagtails by the lakeside in the wildlife garden today, area 14 :) Several song thrushes too, they're very active at present.

birdman_euston said...

4 Mar: Clear with slight WSW breeze at dawn, after heavy showers yesterday and overnight.

Shelduck 1m: area 36.
Black-headed Gull 1 (summer plumage): lake fencepost between areas 8 & 9.

Blackcap 1: area 31

Chiffchaff 4: areas 1, 2, 19, 21, 31&32&33
- the males heard singing in areas 1 and 2 are unlikely to have been the same bird
- the area 31 male has, at least temporarily, annexed the adjoining territory (areas 32&33), which has apparently been vacated recently
- alas, the male that has been faithful to area 40 at the edge of Leaf Yard Wood since 17 Mar appears to have disappeared in the past couple of days; within the past week, I had noticed it was singing from deeper in the Wood than usual

A pair of Greenfinches was near the fenced-off wildlife garden in area 20, the male giving its breeding "dzweee" note.

A handsome red fox was sitting on the rugby pitch in area 41 at daybreak, before bolting off N towards area 40. This is my second fox sighting near the Leaf Yard Wood this spring - has it got a den nearby?

birdman_euston said...

5 Mar: Low cloud with slight drizzle and a brisk 15km/hr NE breeze at dawn - the first windy morning in a few weeks at least. From this morning I've changed the start of my route to include Camberwell Green (area 24), where Fright Jacket and the K9 Patrol don't go, but I'll still be able to check the English Gardens (areas 20 and 21) at the end of my circuit.

Shelduck 3: 2m & 1(winged)f

Blackcap 4: areas 14, 31&30, 40, and 42 (rugby-pitch end).

Chiffchaff 4: areas 1, 14&19, 31&32 and 40.
(Yes, the area 40 male is still there! He's the only Chiffchaff I can individually recognise by song - complex, with a 4-beat cadence that includes an unusually high-pitched note. I'm going to nickname him 'Dave' - Brubeck would be proud of such musical innovation!)

The battle between the Great Crested Grebes and the Coots on the E side of Bandstand Island, for the prime nest site at the end of a prostrate, waterlogged tree, is still on - a grebe was 'squatting' on the nest this morning.

Grape hyacinth in bloom.