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Saturday, April 07, 2012

7th April

I only had time for a short visit to the park this morning, concentrating on the western side and areas 37 to 41. I was hoping to connect with a stunning male Ring Ouzel or if that didn’t come off then a Wheatear would do. Unfortunately these two species failed to play ball, so it was a case of the same birds as in recent days.

However “Birdman Euston” faired better.

Common Snipe: one flushed from long grass by area 36.

Reed Bunting: female calling from area 2.  

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birdman_euston said...

8 Apr: A weak warm front moved through this morning. Light breeze at daybreak, blowing in opposite direction from yesterday, from SW (a southerly wind, finally!). Overnight drizzle ended around 09.15, with showers between 07.40 and 08.35.

Willow Warbler 1: area 2 at 07.30 (singing what Dave calls its 'soft' song - in the same lakeside willow tree, just SE of the fenced-off area, that the female Reed Bunting called from yesterday). If they keep singing this softly, they'll be hard to locate!

Blackcap 10 (all males): areas 1, 14, 17 (two), 19, 31, 40, 41, 42 and 45.
The latter four birds were all singing in or near the Leaf Yard Wood.

Chiffchaff 6: areas 1, 17->19, 19 (pair), 31 and 40.
The current hub of Chiffchaff activity appears to be the small island of vegetation opposite the entrance to the Open Air Theatre in Queen Mary's Gardens (area 19). At least three birds were in close proximity this morning: two singing males and what I presume was a female, which had something in its bill that was either nesting material or a large-winged insect.

Shelduck 2 (pr on NW shore of Heron Island): area 8.

Black-headed Gull 3 (one adult in summer plumage and two second-year birds, one of which had a black head): lake fenceposts near area 9.

Rhododendrons beginning to bloom.