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Monday, May 21, 2012

21st May

Regent’s Park

As nobody has left any comments or contacted me I presume that nothing new was seen today. I popped down to area 9 after work hoping to get some tern photos and maybe a Common Sandpiper.

Great Black-backed Gull: 2 third year birds were terrorising all small waterbirds present on the lake, causing Tufted Ducks to dive for their lives. This species is as I have said before the rarest of 5 commonest species of gull to visit the park.

    Little Grebe: 3 pairs were visible from the lake edge.

   Grey Wagtail: a male was singing from area 7.


   I am not sure if this is one of yesterdays wagtails, but he/she has had a close shave.


   Heron young can still be seen being fed on area 7


  One of the hooligans present this afternoon



Bushy Park

Yellow Wagtail: one flew west at 6.45am.

Reed Warbler: 3 birds were singing from small reed beds in the Brewhouse Fields.


The first time that I have been able to catch both birds at rest.


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