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Friday, June 29, 2012

29th June

Regent’s Park

Black-headed Gull: four birds were on the lake.

Common Whitethroat: a male was singing and performing his display flight over area 39. A pair was present here in mid-April and looked to be attempting to breed. The wet weather may have put pay to this attempts and the pair in area 31. 


birdman_euston said...

29 Jun (part 2):

2 Gadwall [pair including (subadult-plumaged?) male - first noted in early May - off Long Bridge near Heron Island, area 8 at 05:55].

Bill D said...

Hi Tony,

Don't know whether its of any interest to you, but there has been a healthy amount of Little Owl activity in Bushy Park in recent evenings. I popped along back on Wednesday evening, and counted double figures of birds throughout the grassland by Ash Walk, and along Lime Avenue. Also a few calling Tawny Owls.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Bill.

I have seen a few Little Owls flying away from me in several areas. Though none have allowed me to get close enough for a photo. As yet I haven't seen or heard any Tawny Owls. I was hoping that our gamekeeper would know of a day roost site, but he doesn't.

Bill D said...


Regarding Tawny Owls, I went out for a stroll this evening and located two Tawnies calling to each other high in oaks by the entrances to both Woodland Gardens, just after the Brick Bridge. There was an adult calling here (directly above the small 'shed') last Wednesday, and I met a dogwalker who said the bird had been calling there for the last couple of weeks, so I can only assume a daytime roost is nearby.

There were a further three Tawnies making high-pitched raspy calls to each other in the Round Plantation. A late evening in the Park should get you a bird or two.

Bill D said...

Forgot to mention, I've popped up a few photos and sound recordings of the birds on my blog-


birdman_euston said...

1 Jul:

Common Whitethroat 1m (still singing his head off from the top of a dying ornamental oak sapling at E border of Old Golf School field, area 39 before 06:00).

Gadwall 3 (off Heron Island, area 8 at 07:00 - Dave says there are two "feral" pairs on the lake).

Chiffchaff 4 [1 carrying food at W end of Hanover Island bridges at 06:40, 1 singing (a two-tone song like Jason's, who was not heard in area 17 this morning) in areas 32/31/30 at 07:15, one calling incessantly from the Open Air Theatre in area 19 (where there is presumably a nest and/or young) at 07:30, and 'John' singing in area 14 near the tennis building at 07:45].

Dunnocks have been noticeable by their silence since I resumed active birding a week ago after a month's hiatus, so they must have finished breeding in June at the latest. I've seen one or two juveniles skulking in the hedgerows.

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers for that Bill, I will check it out.