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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

5th June

Regent’s Park

Bird life has changed very little apart from lots of hungry recently fledged Great spotted Woodpeckers, Great and Blue tits visiting the feeders.

Common Tern: the male popped in to catch a fish for his partner, who is hopefully incubating eggs at Brent Reservoir.

Little Owl: The other morning I paid my first visit to their area for quite sometime and was pleased to the pair still present. I didn’t see any evidence of breeding, but it was wet and I was just grateful to see them.

Reed Warbler: 6 males were heard on Saturday morning.

Below are a few visitors to my garden










This juvenile Blue Tit has grabbed hold of a Great Tits tail


It is really gratifying to have at least 6 adult and a number of recent fledglings now coming to the garden daily. A couple of years ago I was lucky to see the occasional adult.




At least 2 pairs of Greenfinches are visiting, hopefully there young will soon turn up, as long as the local Magpies haven’t found them.

Last week the extension that was constructed to the reed bed in area 2 was planted up by volunteers. As long as the geese are kept out it should grow rapidly over the summer months.


Viewed from the Blue Bridge (above)



glen said...

Sparrows and Green finch!!! I am very jealous..Great photos as always.

Tony Duckett said...

The sparrows are great to have, hopefully they will use one of my nest boxes next year

Michael G said...

I would love to see the Little Owls - where are they exactly please Tony?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Michael

I have posted a map on today's entry.
If you stand by the tree's indicated by the letter A looking westwards towards an embankment of trees and the area left of that you stand a good chance of seeing them. The early part of the day or late evenings are best, not Tuesdays and Thursdays when there are a lot of corporate after work sports going on.

Michael G said...

Many thanks Tony - I will check them out