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Thursday, July 12, 2012

12th July

Regent’s Park

Common Tern: 3 birds over the lake.

Collared Dove: the pair in Queen Mary’s are still present, though elusive.

Common Whitethroat: male still present in area 40.

Reed Warbler: 2  birds calling from the reed bed in area 2.

Common Crossbill: one flew east at 7.25am.

Bushy Park

Peregrine Falcon: a bird put the wind up the Swallows that were feeding in the Upper Lodge Road area, as it flew high westwards.

Sparrowhawk: a male carried a prey item into the Woodland Gardens.

Green Woodpecker: this species seems to have had a good breeding season, judging by the number of juveniles around the park.

Cuckoo: an adult flew south through the Brew House fields at 7.15am.

Reed Warbler: 3 males were singing quietly from pools beside the Longford River.







Little Owl









Swift and Swallow, this shows the difference between these two species.


glen said...

I'm struggling to take photos of blue tits on my feeders and you get yourself a blinding brace...fantastic shot of swift and swallow. The difference in size is considerable.

birdman_euston said...

13 Jul:

Chiffchaff 1 ('Jason' sang his two-tone ditty once from the large hill in Queen Mary's Gardens, area 17 at 07:20).

Common Whitethroat 1 (singing sporadically from the area-40 field at 08:20).

piers said...

shot of swallow feeding young (?) in mid-air is amazing.

Tony Duckett said...

Glen and Piers thanks for the kind comments, I will persevere trying to get better shots if the sun doesn't go in as it did yesterday. It tends to do that a lot lately.
cheers Tony

birdman_euston said...

14 Jul:

Common Sandpiper 1 (flying across the lake from area 5 toward area 36 shoreline opposite Heron Island at 06:00).

Common Tern 2 (perching on boundary posts off area 9 - definitely *not* a pair, as one of them assumed a threat posture as the other flew in, then chased it away when it tried to land on its post, pecking out a feather in the process. Their sharp beaks are fearsome weapons, as anyone who's been dive-bombed while approaching a nesting colony can attest! One could conclude that if they weren't so territorial about their fishing grounds, more terns might regularly grace the Boating Lake than at present).

Reed Warbler 1 (singing from area-13 reed bed at 07:15).

Chiffchaff 4 (male singing from The Holme perimeter near area 33 at 05:50, 2 calling in area 1 at 06:10, 'Jason' singing in area 17 at 07:35).

(For the first time in weeks, no Common Whitethroats were in evidence around the area-40 field this morning.)

Families of most of the Park's breeding garden birds have been congregating in area 42 recently.