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Sunday, July 01, 2012

1st July

I have been unable to spend hardly anytime watching any of the London Peregrines apart from a new site earlier ion the season. This site unfortunately failed due to possibly the eggs being stolen.

So today having looked at and trusting in the BBC weather forecasters I decided to head to Sutton. In recent years I have watched the pair just south of the river near New Covent Garden.

I set my alarm for 4.15am, this  however wasn’t needed as I got up at 4.05am. After a quick breakfast I was on my way by 4.30am. As you would expect at that time, there was very little traffic on the road and the Westway was open, most Sundays it is closed in one direction or another. AA routefinder said that the journey was 16.5 miles and would take 50 minutes. I was going a slightly longer route but had arrived at the station car park by 5.10am.

Once out of the car I soon spotted one of the five recently fledged young. In the next 2 and a half hours I saw at least 4 juveniles and both adults.


The early morning sun makes a lot of difference to how the birds can look.










Marc Heath said...

Brilliant set of shots

Mark Hill said...

Very good shots Tony, I like the one flying past the window, and it looks like that's one less Ring-Necked Parakeet to worry about!

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Marc. They could have been a little closer, but cracking birds.

Tony Duckett said...

Mark I like that one also, it must be great if that is your office.

stuart said...

Excellent images Tony!

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks Stuart.
They could have been a bit more obliging, spending a lot of time on the curved shaped roof north of B&Q.

glen said...

Great set of photos.