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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

25th July

Regent’s Park

The first migrant arrives, let us hope this is the start of a productive passage.

Little Grebe: the pair in area 2 still have both their youngsters.

Garden Warbler: one was found in area 31 this morning.

Reed Warbler: a male could be heard singing just north-east of Long Bridge.

Bushy Park


Excuse me posting more Swallow’s but I really do like them.



The above picture shows the type of green bird that I like to see and hear. While below is one that should never be allowed to take a hold in the UK.



glen said...

Agreed ....

birdman_euston said...

Regarding the scourge of Rose-ringed Parakeets, there's an irony and salutary lesson from North America: European Starlings (first released in Central Park, New York's equivalent of Regent's Park, in 1890) now number in the billions on that continent: 100 Years of the Starling

Like the Parakeets, Starlings are pugnacious and nest in old woodpecker holes. As a result, the populations of a host of gorgeous bird species native to North America (e.g. Red-headed Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird and Purple Martin) have plummeted (although the latter two species have recovered somewhat, since they can nest in starling-proof artificial bird houses).

Of course, Rose-ringed Parakeets are unlikely to prove as hardy, or as prolific, but unless Defra sanctions a cull of this species, and soon, I predict an irreparable disaster for Britain's native avifauna.

Tony Duckett said...

As prolific no but certainly hardy enough