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Friday, August 10, 2012

10th August

Bird news from Regent’s Park and Bushy Park is pretty much the same as it has been for much of this week. If we should get some showers overnight on Sunday then we could be in business on Monday, though it depends on when the winds start to veer.


Reed Warblers are still feeding young in both parks


Swallows are still feeding young in their nests in the stables. However it is taking the toll on some of the adults, feathers are really becoming worn. The birds at the top and bottom are feather perfect.




The cob on the Diana Fountain isn’t one for sharing as some Canada Geese found out. The Common Tern sat watching the commotion.



Emperor Dragonfly


Banded Demoiselle female



birdman_euston said...
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birdman_euston said...

11 Aug:

Another glorious morning, sunny and warm (17C at dawn) with light, dry NE breeze so not as muggy as the past few days.

1 imm Hobby flying NE at 07:45.
I was with my good-luck charm, viz. Dave Johnson, as we inspected the mowing damage around the Chat Bush in area 34 when he shouted "Hobby!" just before it passed directly over us about 30m up.
I was level-headed enough in the face of another lifer (!) to note a lack of rufous above the tail, which suggests it was an immature; on the other hand, its underparts seemed to have a whitish rather than creamy cast overall but I suspect it was a trick of the light. As it flew away from us towards the Broad Walk and London Zoo into the sun, I was stuck by its tern-like flight - buoyant and slightly erratic - and its scimitar-shaped wings, curved like a swift's but kinked like an osprey's - so it must have been flying with its wings bent at the 'wrist'.

2 Garden Warbler (one in area 35 with a flock of tits heading NE at 07:15, one in Cricket Pen, area 31 at 07:30).

6 Willow Warbler (with the tit flock in area 35).

2 Chiffchaff (one calling from The Holme, area 10 at 06:45, another with the tit flock in area 35).

200 Black-headed Gull (incl. 5 imm).

2 Common Tern (adult feeding juvenile in area 9).

(Strangely, I didn't spot a single Little Grebe on the lake all morning.)

birdman_euston said...

11 Aug (addendum):

I've just discovered that first-summer Hobbys lack the red 'trousers' but otherwise look like adults, which explains why the bird I saw was white (with bold black streaks) rather than cream-coloured underneath.