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Saturday, August 11, 2012

11th August

Regent’s Park

Not as lively as I had hoped, but then again the skies overnight had been clear.

Greenshank: one called three times as it flew NW over area 8 at 7.50am. I only had a the briefest of views as it flew between The Holme and Heron Island.

Hobby: a bird flew east at 7.45am.

Reed Warbler: two in area 32.

Common Whitethroat: one in area 31.

Garden Warbler: two singles, in area 31 and 35.

Blackcap: six birds in area 31 and 32.

Willow Warbler: at least twelve in areas 31 and 32.

Chiffchaff: six birds in the same areas as the above.

Richmond Park:

I took my wife for a mid morning stroll, enjoying a nice sausage baguette and an ice cream. Bird life was quiet, although I wasn’t really looking that hard.

Common Tern: an adult and the two juveniles were on the overflow by the causeway. Another adult flew in but was chased away.

Northern Wheatear: one was on a mound of soil where the bracken had just been rolled by the Shire Horses.


Kestrel by area 31.







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birdman_euston said...

13 Aug:

Muggy with hazy high cloud and light S breeze. Only one warbler seen in the Cricket Pen, area 31 (they mowed the grass in there just after dawn a couple of days ago) and none around the Leaf Yard Wood, area 40/41 but they were widely scattered elsewhere.

Garden Warbler 1 (with tit flock in area 35 at 07:20).

Reed Warbler 1 (on Hanover Island, area 1 at 07:05).

Willow Warbler 6 (one on Hanover Island, area 1 at 07:05; three in area 35 at 07:20, one in Cricket Pen at 07:35, one in area 20 at 08:05).

Chiffchaff 4 (one on Hanover Island, area 1 at 07:05, one in area 35 at 07:20; one calling in area 10 at 07:35; one in area 17 at 07:50).